Young Living Essential Oil Testimonials

Essential Oils Testimonials

While we are not able to recommend any specific essential oil solutions, treatments or remedies, we can share essential oil testimonials that have been shared with us. When using essential oils please make sure to only use pure, therapeutic grade oils. So with so many places selling oils and so many brands, how is one to know which ones to use? I have tried several brands and out of all of them, the most consistent, purest and highest vibrational source is without a doubt doTERRA.

Find out why I switched to doTERRA essential oils after years with Young Living.

Essential Oils can be support numerous conditions. Whether the symptoms are physical, emotional or mental, essential oils work on all levels, and when used correctly, can have a true impact on your quality of life.

Below are just some positive experiences that have been shared with us:

Essential Oils for back pain, neck pain, muscle pain

Single Oils : Peppermint, lavender.
Blends : DeepBlue

.Massage a few drops of Peppermint or DeepBlue for immediate cooling and relief on affected areas.
.If you don’t have any other oil, use Lavender on the painful area, it will do wonders.
.Add 2 cups of Epsom salt with 6 drops of lavender & 4 drops of Purify into a warm bath.

Essential Oils for cuts, bruises, scratches

Single Oils : Lavender, Tea Tree.
Blends : DeepBlue

.Lavender is the all purpose oil for these types of injuries, it can be applied right on your cuts, bruises and burns. The healing process in much quicker and you will be amazed how little scaring remains. Tea Tree can be used bruises but may stings on open cuts.
Some people have had wonderful results using the DeepBlue blend as it can relieve pain and has a wonderful soothing scent.

Essential oils for weight loss

Weight loss is best achieved naturally with a healthy diet, light exercise and good sleep. However, most of us could benefit from additional support to help de-congest our digestive system. One excellent way to do all these is with the Slim & Sassy New You Kit. This kit contains everything you need to get stared with natural weight management all powered by nature with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential oils to relieve depression

Single Oils : Bergamot, Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ylan Ylang
Blends : Align, Cheer, Citrus Bliss, Peace, Serenity

.Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils can have a direct positive impact on mood. Diffuse in your Essential Oil diffuser 20 minutes 3 times daily.
.Another great way to benefit from the positive effect of these oils is to massage a few drops on feet morning and night and the base of the skull, you will get great results in just a few days.

Essential oils for sleep

Single Oils : Lavender, Ylang Ylang + Sandalwood , Lavender + Cedarwood
Blends : Serenity

Essential oils and Insomnia:.Inhale 1 to 3 times before bed and diffuse in room 30 minutes before going to bed..Massaging a few drops on bottom of feet or on temples will also have great results

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Essential oils to relieve heartburn or indigestion

Single Oils : Peppermint, Ginger, Lemon
Blends : DigestZen

Massage – to 10 drops of 50/50 diluted oil over stomach area twice daily
.Add one drop of Lemon to a glass of water and sip slowly upon awakening each morning. Lemon juice helps the stomach stop excreting digestive acids. This helps alleviate heartburn and other stomach aliments
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Essential oil to relieve constipation

Single Oils : Ginger, Peppermint, Fennel
Blends : DigestZen

Constipation is usually a consequence of inadequate fluid and fiber intake.
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Essential oils for anxiety

Single Oils : Lavender, Orange, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang
Blends : Breathe, Peace, Serenity

Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils can have a direct positive impact on mood. Diffuse in your Essential Oil diffuser 20 minutes 3 times daily.
.Another great way to benefit from the positive effect of these oils is to massage a few drops on feet morning and night and the base of the skull, you will feel a sense of relief in just a few days.

Quality Matters. Before trying any of these essential oil solutions make sure to get the best oils. Store bought oils are often diluted or may even contain fillers or synthetics. Don’t waste your money

Our preferred therapeutic grade essential oils

Essential Oils for nosebleeds

Essential oils are a very effective natural solution to help stop nosebleeds fast. While essential oils will not get to the root cause of the nosebleed, they certainly can help with the symptom. If you experience frequent nosebleeds, please consult your doctor.

Essential oils for nosebleed recipe:

3 drops Geranium or Helichrysum
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Cypress
Add these to a little cup or directly into the palm of your hand. Use your finger to apply onto the sides and bridge of your nose (avoid your eyes) as well as the back of your neck. This essential oil blend should help very quickly.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • Hi there, I can’t seem to find any recent testimonials for the years 2017 and 2018, the most recent year is 2016.
    I have used this site for years.
    Wishing you an amazing day.

  • Hello Sheila, Thank you for your comment. Recent changes in YL compliance terms for websites prevents us from posting anymore testimonials. You could search for oil-testimonials and see what comes up, I think you may find wht you are looking for that way. Hope this helps.