CashBack Shopping – How to get online discounts and coupons


Get a $5 to $10 Gift Card and then best deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or any day without the stress!

Quick links: Sign up with Ebates for a $5 to $10 Gift Card and Discounts and Cash Back when you shop online at over 10.000+ stores!

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”auto” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#ef0896″ ]CASH BACK WITH EBATES SIMPLIFIED:
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Bottom line: If you are not using Ebates when you shop online you are throwing money out the window. Sign up now and stop the madness!
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Shopping online is now totally mainstream and the competition is massive. Shoppers are no longer limited to shop where they live, they have access to stores literally all over the world. So the big names are now competing with web savvy mom and pop stores. What does this mean for you? Better deals! That’s right, there have never been more rebates, coupons or discounts available to shoppers. The trick is to find one centralized place to get all the best coupons and discounts so you can maximize your savings and time when you shop online. I have a little secret that will help you save and in most cases even get cash back!

Everything detailed in this article is FREE and WILL help you save money on all your on-line shopping.

Free Membership site - How I get Cash Back when I shop online

Before I explain how this works you will require a Ebates account (Free, they actually give you $5). Click to sign up now for free

This great free website acts as an intermediary between you and your favorite online stores. Ebates is the market leader and all stores that want business will make sure to give them the best deals. Ebates sends these stores buyers and it gets a commission which it shares with you. This shopping portal of sorts offers cash back and coupons to almost all your favorite online stores. Ebates will give you $5 when you sign up!

Extra tip: I buy a lot of vitamins at vitacost and even though I have an account at vitacost already, I always get cash back just for going through Ebates first. So make this your new online reflex, Ebates first then shop at your favorite store!

Now when you want to shop online make sure you go through the Ebates website first and choose one of the online stores from their catalog. For example you can type Target in the Ebates search and you will see you will get 3% cash back on all your purchases + they have exclusive online coupons.
Did you find something you like on Ebay? Why not get 2% cash back with your purchase? Simply open Ebates, type Ebay and click on their link to go to the site and the cash back is yours. Ebates will send you a check or payment through paypal on a regular basis.

One way of making sure you use Ebates first is by bookmarking it and saving it under the name ‘shopping’ in your browser.
One way to save big is to make sure you do all your holiday shopping using this simple method. You will save money and most times even get a little cash back!

Free Membership site - How I get Cash Back when I shop online

Author: Julien