Magnify your purpose

Wow what a name! Magnify your purpose is one of my favorite Young Living blends, I use it during meditation, when I undertake a big project or simply when I want to feel inspired. This delicious essential oil blend contains sandalwood, rosewood, sage, nutmeg, patchouli, cinnamon bark and ginger. It is a perfect balance of light flowery fragrance, with spice and earthiness.

Sage and sandalwood help calm, clear and inspire your busy mind making space for quiet moments of relaxation and new ideas. Apply a drop to your wrists and to your palms, cup your nose with your hands.  Inhale slowly through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Focus on positive thoughts, see yourself as you would like to be or better yet think nothing. Enjoy the quiet even for just a few seconds. Once you are done with your meditation, write down five things you are grateful for and do this daily if you can. You might slowly notice a shift in your reality, over time difficult things might seem easier and you might realize the importance of giving you the time you deserve. It’s all about finding balance speed and multitasking is fine as long as you can give yourself time to regularly do something you truly enjoy preferable something that does not involve loud noises, a screen or intense stimulation.


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Author: Julien

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