Cypress essential oil 10 reasons you need this in your home

Cypress essential oil
Cypress Essential Oil, which can be so supportive for all kinds of circulation issues including edema and varicose/spider veins, is also helpful when dealing with  nosebleeds!  This was explained at the Young Living Convention in a fantastic class by Dr. Peter Minke on emergency first aid with the oils.  Here is what one YL member says about how it works for her family:


Cypress essential oil and nosebleeds! My 12 year old son gets nosebleeds frequently. Dr. Minke said during his class at Grand Convention to put cypress on the inside of each forearm (there are big veins there and that’s one of the fastest ways to get the oils into the blood stream). I’ll do 2 applications on each arm and his nose stops bleeding in under 1-2 minutes every time.

Cypress is one of the oils in the “Oils of Ancient Scripture” set and is also available as a single oil. It’s been used for thousands of years! What else is it good for? Read on!

This info is from the document “120 Uses for the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture” compiled by Janet McBride.

CYPRESS (cupressus sempervirens) The oil of Cypress has been used since ancient times for purification and as incense. Cypress is one of the oils most used for the circulatory system. Because it assists in moving stagnant matter, it actually assists many systems of the body: circulatory, digestive, urinary, and integumentary (skin). It helps with cellulite, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, fluid retention, constipation, edema, excessive perspiration, and hand and feet sweating. It is also effective for muscles and joints, the respiratory system, the reproductive system, and the nervous system.

Cypress essential oil uses

    • Use a drop or two of Cypress where you would apply a deodorant.
    • Equal parts Cypress and Tangerine mixed with a small amount of fractionated coconut oil oil makes a wonderful serum for skin toning and also aids with the healing of scar tissue.
      (Try five drops of each in a 5ml bottle and then fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil.)
    • Mix several drops of Cypress with pure fractionated coconut oil and apply on location to help with arthritis discomfort. (Those with less sensitive skin may wish to try applying Cypress oil neat.)
    • Apply Cypress neat or diluted on location to ease cramping.
    • Apply a drop of Cypress to a minor injury to facilitate healing and prevent infection.
    • Rub Cypress around the nasal area to help control a nose bleed. (Avoid the eye area.)
    • Use several drops mixed with fractionated coconut oil and apply where needed as an insect repellent.
    • Diffuse Cypress, or inhale directly from the bottle to help with insomnia.
    • Help relieve acute chest discomfort and/or bronchitis by rubbing Cypress on the chest area.
    • Help strengthen blood capillaries and increase circulation by rubbing Cypress mixed with fractionated coconut oil on location. When used with Helichrysum oil, may help with varicose and spider veins.


  • This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Always consult with your health care professional on matters concerning your health! Personal testimonials are in no way to be taken as recommended ways to use essential oils.

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10 reasons why you should have cypress essential oil in your home

Author: Julien