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Health Tips for Dogs - 5 easy ways to offer your dog a healthy happy balanced life5 Easy Health Tips for dogs:

Adopting a shelter dog is a beautiful experience. You are saving a life and gaining a life long friend, who will love you unconditionally. There is something unique about shelter dogs, it sounds strange but it feels like they know you saved them and they have extra appreciation for you.

Shelter dogs are also unique in that you may not know anything from their past. What were they fed, were they ever vaccinated? What was their home life like? In many cases these questions are irrelevant because dogs live in the now, however, their unknown history causes them to often be heavily vaccinated and fixed in a very short amount of time prior top being adopted. This heavy vaccination in such a short period can cause some dramatic side effects on weaker animals. Some may develop tumors, others may have seizures or other complications months after being adopted. I speak from personal experience. Our little guy was given all his shots, fixed and released to us. He was a bundle of love. After a few months he suddenly started to have seizures. We went to the emergency room, and after several visits, our little guy was on daily medication to manage seizures. He died 7 months after we brought him home. We loved every moment and are so appreciative for the joy he has brought into our life. His situation caused us to do a lot of research and these are some important steps we did not take which could have made a difference in his life and our experience. together.

So what can you do? What is your responsibility as their caretaker? You already love your new friend, why not give them the best possible start or next stage in their life. Here are 5 health tips for dogs.


Food is a tricky subject. You may not be aware of this but most of the commercially available pet food is made of sub part often diseased meat. Animals that have died prematurely, from disease or other causes are sold and processed by pet food companies. More smaller companies are are showing up but we recommend researching their ingredients and where they are sourced. A raw organic diet is one of the healthiest options for your new pet. Regardless of what you choose, start them on the new food slowly. Ask the shelter what they were feeding them, buy a small bag and slowly add the new food to whatever they were given at the shelter. Do this over about 10 days for a smooth transition. A great resource to learn about raw food for dogs is: NoMoreVetBills


Depending on where you live, fleas and ticks may be a real problem. In southern California fleas are prevalent and so much so that a local vet recently told us that fleas are now immune to the most common flea preventative medicine. This is actually good news because we would never recommend giving your pet an additional dose of toxins to repel fleas. There are natural solutions out there that actually work very well. They may require a little more work but your pet will be a lot healthier.
You can explore any of the natural flea and tick solutions available at


Pet insurance really? Yes! Believe me from personal experience, emergency visits and regular vet visits for an actual condition add up very fast, not several hundred but several thousand. Pet insurance, the right pet insurance can make a massive difference and help you make decisions without being too limited by money. There are many companies offering insurance out there. For us, only one sticks out. It is a non-profit pet insurance which offers exceptional lifetime coverage for your little dog or cat. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. Learn more by getting a free quote and let Healthy Paws pay your vet bills while you care for your pet.


You know what type of dog you have, is she high energy? Does she like to run? Is she happy just being on your lap for hours? Taking her type into account, offer you dog moderate daily exercise to help her drain her energy in a healthy way. Bonding with you is her favorite activity and will prevent her from taking her frustration out on your clothes or furniture.


Punishing your dog or using dominating techniques may offer you some results but they will not provide you the bond you are both truly craving. Mutual respect, trust and appreciation is a better avenue, fear will not change your dog, rather it will simply make her hide from you. Get a positive reinforcement trainer to give you training tips to help you become the best guide for your friend. Your shelter dog has such potential, help her express it.

I hope you enjoyed this article on shelter dog health tips. More to come, stay tuned!

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