The best ant repellent period!

So the other day I noticed what could only be called a massive ant invasion.  It was a massive migration that was making it’s way towards our garage door and eventually into our garage.

I didn’t have any chemical sprays around so I tried using my little Thieves sprays.  I didn’t know if this would work but thought it was worth a try.  I sprayed all along the main “invasion” trail then left. Two hours later I had forgotten about it. As I walked out the house I didn’t see a single ant, not one!

Here is the link to get your own spray: I use it to clean counters, spray down hotel beds, deodorize furniture(yes like febreeze but without the chemicals) and now repel insects 🙂

Give it a try. Use 924292 as your sponsor number.

Author: Julien

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