Lemon Essential Oil for sticky situations

One of the most underrated Essential Oils has got to be Lemon. It’s fragrance immediately brings a sensation of freshness and cleanliness wherever it is used. But not many know just how versatile this oil is. While I would place Lavender essential oil in the “self-care” versatile oils, Lemon would have to be categorized in the “cleaning” versatile oils.

There are other posts here about the many uses of Lemon Essential Oil but today I want to focus on one that we have all encountered: Sticky stuff!
Yes whether it be to remove sticky tape, a label, glue, engine grease or any other sticky stains, lemon essential oil is what you need! Just a few drops in your hands or directly on the surface you are trying to clean and in just a few wipes the sticky stuff is gone!

Lemon Essential Oil

I would not try this on a porous surface but glass is perfect and most countertops can handle it. If you have a doubt just rub a little lemon essential oil on a non-visible part of the surface first to test it out.

I use this to remove those paper labels from glass bottles or glue from hands. Lemon essential oil is one of the most inexpensive oils, enjoy it!!

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Author: Julien

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