Do you need some Abundance?

Do you have a bottle of Abundance oil? Here are some more awesome stories about this wonderful, spicy, earthy oil blend, again from some friends:

A. writes: A little while ago, I sent out an email about Abundance oil….and I received some beautiful responses, which I wanted to share with you. But before I do that…..did you know you can use Abundance oil in your wall paint? Noel and I have included that in every painting job we’ve done in the last 12 years. We use 40 drops of oil in 4 litres of paint – and usually we do half Peppermint oil (to disguise the paint smell) and half Abundance oil. When the Abundance oil first drips into your beautiful white paint, it’s bright orange….but don’t worry. It mixes in perfectly, and we’ve never had a problem with it in all the 12 years. Here are some other stories about Abundance oil. This is an oil that I’d never want to be without. I’d say it’s my most frequently used oil in my arsenal.

Tracy writes: Hi Artemis, I find when I use Abundance oil in the diffuser my phone doesn’t stop. I have to use something else so I can slow down my work load! It really works….

Rhonda writes: I also have a story about Abundance oil. I go regularly in to a cafe close to my work and it recently changed owners  I asked the new owner how things were going and she said that things were a bit quiet. I always carry my Abundance oil in my bag so I got her to put some on her wrists and held them over the cash register. I left the bottle with her and suggested that she do the same protocol the following morning, with the intention that the day was going to be busy with lots of customers. She followed my instructions and the following 2 days were the busiest she had ever had. She ordered a bottle of Abundance oil from me the next time I went in.

Fun right? Why not order yourself some abundance and experience this wonderful oil for yourself.

Abundance is available to customers for $41.78

Abundance is available to distributors for a 24% discount find out how to order and get your discounted oils today

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Author: Julien