doTerra Difference

doTerra is one of the most exciting essential oil companies on the market today. You might already be familiar with the exceptional quality of their oils or the high level customer service they offer. But there is a lot more to know.

How doTerra is changing lives

doTerra sources it’s essential oils from over 40 nations around the globe. Unlike other companies that buy land and harvest plants themselves which allows them to reduce costs; doTerra makes it a point to work in partnership with local expert growers who are experts in their field. By doing this, doTerra provides job security and fair wages to hundreds of people in villages that may have been otherwise without any source of income. doTerra invests in their workforce by updating schools or building hospitals, providing a brighter future for people all around the globe.
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Quality control

Did you know that you can get a quality report for each essential oil in your order? doTerra includes a batch number which can be used on their website to see the full report for the bottle in your hand. This level of transparency is made possible by doTerra’s constant efforts in the area of quality control. When existing standards are insufficient, doTerra with the help of it’s scientists, creates new standards to which they match each essential oil they produce.
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Every purchase you make with doTerra has a positive impact on your health and well-being but also is contributing bettering the lives of hundreds of people around the globe.

Do something good for yourself and others, join doTerra today.

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